Dry Skin Dilemma: Winter Edit

Dry Skin Dilemma: Winter Edit

Hey sweet friends,

I am coming to you today with a huge dilemma and I refuse to believe I am the only one struggling right now. Struggling with what you might ask? DRY. SKIN. These Mississippi dry January's are tough on my sensitive skin. We are so used to humidity here, that when the weather changes, my skin flips out. So I find myself here. Typing up a blog in hopes of helping my other peeps out there suffering with dry skin. So without further a do (or whatever they say!) here are my favorite dry skin products we carry here at AllyOops.


#1: Honey Heel Glaze

Trust me when I say, HEEL MIRACLE WORKER. I cannot stand when my feet get dry, and this time of the year they get terribly dry and sometimes cracked. (I really hate to even admit that!) So when I came across this golden goodness, I gave it a try. Now, you'll never find me without it. 

How to use it? Using the applicator brush, dab the brush in the heel glaze (a little goes a long way!) and apply to your heels. Immediately put socks on and jump into bed. That's it. The golden goodness does the rest. Your heels and feet will literally be transformed over night. 


#2: Face Masks

I wish I could stress the importance of good facial skincare to everyone. I know you know it. You see skincare regimens everywhere from social media, to those pesky google ads (not gonna lie, I kinda like that Google knows what I need to buy. Lol.) Seriously though, face masks are sooooo important. I use face masks once, sometimes twice a week. Especially when I am having dry skin issues. I could go on and on about the different face masks we offer, but today I am going to focus on GuacStar. This face mask is made with the best natural ingedients and give your skin an instant refresh, recharge. It balances your skin leave your skin feeling sooo moisturized and soft. 

#3: Lip scrub & Shea Butter Lip Balm

Me and my hubby are guilty with turning the fan on every night, even with the heat on. Don't ask me why, we just do. So, I blame the fan for why I wake up every morning with dry lips. My saving grace is this lip scrub and lip balm. I use the lip scrub a few times a week. This just helps get the dead skin off and helps your lip balms absorb better. And there a bunch of great lip balms out there, so find one that works for you! I recommend this shea butter based lip balm by FarmHouseFresh. Make sure you look at the ingredients, you want to stick with natural oils and shea butters if possible. Stay away from additives, my rule of thumb is if I can't pronounce it. I don't want it on my skin.  

#4: Watercrss Hydration Gele Moisturizer

Heaven a jar and worth every single penny. I use this a few times a week during the winter. It will literally transform your skin overnight. You can read more about it here. It has won numerous awards and is recognized by so many stars. 

How to use it? You can use this day or night as a daily moisturizer, but I use it as an overnight treatment. After washing your face, apply a generous amount to your face. I promise, you will wake up with new, super moisturized skin! 

#5: Good Quality Lotion/Body Cream

And last, but certainly not least. Find a good body moisturizer and don't skip this step. I apply an all over body moisturizer twice a day, in the morning as I am getting ready and at night after my shower. Pay attention to the ingredients in moisturizer! Some claim to be moisturizing, but they actually strip your skin and you'll find yourself applying more and more.

Pro tip: Stay away lotions/creams that list Alcohol as the first or second ingredient. 

I recommend any of Farmhouse Fresh body and hand creams, but I especially love the Moon Dips. They are thick and creamy and absorb into the skin immediately. 

I really hope these product recommendations help you. I have had to try a lot of different brands and products to finally find one that works for me. I really love FarmhouseFresh and I know you will too. Invest in your skin. It's worth it. 
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