Headed to the Beach..Packing List 101

Headed to the Beach..Packing List 101

I am headed to the beach (finally!). I am MORE than looking forward to this trip with all my in-law's, especially before we welcome our second little boy into this world. Every time I have a trip coming up I obsess over what I'll bring and what new things I want to purchase. I'm like a kid making their forever long Christmas list; however, this year I'm really focusing on bringing the bare minimum. So here's a list of my must have beach things that I had to snag at AllyOops. Annnnd I added a few extra things that I just couldn't resist. 

1. Comfy, waterproof, CUTE sandals

So my goal here was to find a pair of sandals that I could wear to the beach or pool, then wash off and where into town at my favorite sea food joint. And boy oh boy did I find them. I snagged these cuties in black, but they are also available in gold.


2. My VERSA tote

Y'all have heard me go on and on about these totes, and I still stand by my word. Especially after Jon Tucker decided he wanted to put his sippy cup in my bag with the lid off and milk went everywhere. 🤦🏼‍♀️  No worries though! This water proof material wipes squeaky clean! These totes are not only super practical for a beach bag, but they are super cute and have the option to interchange the straps. They also come in 2 sizes. I have the larger coral tote with the rope straps for my trip, but for everyday purposes I use the leather strap or the coral strap that came with the tote! 

3. Large Round Beach Towel

Okay, so this is something I never knew I needed until my mom gifted me with one years ago. And I love it! It's HUGE. I love that you can lay out comfortably and still have room to spread out your book, drink, tanning lotions, whatever you need and it stays sand free! 

4. Swig Cooler

I use this bad boy any time I travel and sometimes I even take it to the grocery store if I know I have several errands to run. I prefer the larger cooler since I have a big family, but our best seller is by far the backpack cooler. It's perfect for ballgames, as well as the beach! 


5. Sunnies & a cute hat 

And you can't forget a pair of sunnies and a cute beach hat. I mean, there's no need to even explain this. We have soooo many styles of sunnies in store and several different beach hat styles, I really like this panama style hat. 

7. A cute coverup

So this is something that I almost forgot! A coverup. Go for something light weight that dries super easy. I snagged this one from AllyOops, but you could also use one of our kimonos as a coverup and a cute outfit for a night out!

Okay, and here's a small list of the other things  that I just had to bring. 

8. A good book 

I am currently reading Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng and I'm also going to bring along The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. 

9. A good chair

I feel like this is something I forget until I get to the beach and then I'm forced to pay for an overpriced chair from a souvenir shop. Not this year! This year my hubby snagged me this beach chair (here), I haven't tried it out yet, but I'll make sure to let you know how I like it when I get back. 

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