Mother's Day Gift Guide (written by a mom that's just throwing around hints!)

Mother's Day Gift Guide (written by a mom that's just throwing around hints!)

Mother's Day 2022 is rapidly approaching, and I am writing another blog on our most popular Mother's Day gifts. Only this time I have a toddler and another little one on the way this July, soooo I am TIRED to say the least. So if you notice some repetitive relaxation type gifts, sorry not sorry! At least you know I'm honest when I say I would want these. 

So here we go, my favorite Mother's Day gifts or at least gifts I personally would love this Mother's Day. (Jonathan if you're reading this, here's a few hints!)  

1. Spa Day

Every mom wants this. Shucks, every woman out there wants this. A day or even a few hours to herself at a spa. But let's be real, 2022 has been financially straining for so many families so I have listed a few at home spa-like products that won't break the bank. You could even make up a cute spa day basket and gift it this Mother's day. 

  • Farmhouse Fresh face masks - These masks will leave your skin bright and revitalized like you just had a spa facial treatment. 
  • Farmhouse Fresh hand lotions - If you were creating a gift basket, these are great to throw in the basket. I personally have a tube of this in my purse at all times.  
  • Pedi-Delight - Literally a pedicure in a box. 
  • Warmie Slippers - These are amazing for sore, achy feet. 
  • Gel Eye Masks - Perfect to calm puffy, tired eyes. 
  • Musee Bath Soak - I personally LOVE this bath soak. It leaves your muscles feeling so relaxed. Warning, after using this bath soak you'll be completely useless and want to go straight to bed. ;) 

Those are just a few of my personal favorite spa products that we carry, but you could always create a gift basket and add like aloe socks, shower steamers or bath balls, and other beauty accessories


2. Lounge Wear 

Another great gift for Mom's would be cute lounge sets or robes. I love Hello Mello lounge wear, its affordable and so soft. HM has a huge assortment from lounge shorts, pants, and even lightweight robes that are perfect for around the house. And don't forget the slippers, any of these are great options. 



3. Qudo Interchangeable Rings

This jewelry line is newer for us here at AllyOops and we all love it. Basically, you buy a base ring (We have a ton of different styles and metal options!) and then purchase one of the interchangeable Swarovski stones. Alot of people will get their kids birthstones and interchange them with what they are wearing or just get Mom's favorite color. Whichever you choose, you won't disappoint. 


4. Anything that says MOMMA

I love wearing bracelets or graphics tees that show off that I'm a mom. I'm proud of my babies and I'm proud to let the world know. Right now I'm obsessed with this Mamacita bracelet set by Erimish. Annnddd it comes in a super cute gift box. 

5. Gift cards

When my hubby surprises me with a gift card, I LOVE IT! I can get whatever I want, no questions asked. And I'm pretty sure he loves it too because it's so easy. And while were talking about gift cards, it's always a good idea to throw in a little extra something to really show you tried. ;) Like maybe a gift card and travel mug like this one or a gift card and cute wallet like this one


6. Versa Tote

Ohh, and I almost forgot to add an item that has been (hands down!) our most popular Mother's Day gift. This one is a favorite by not just me, but all our customers. The Versa Tote. These waterproof totes are perfect for the beach, grocery shopping, ball parks, traveling, you name it! And the best part is you can purchase interchangeable straps to change up the look of your tote. Check them out here. I snagged one of these when we first got them in and I do not regret it one bit! 

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