Our favorite Baby Gifts: January 2022 Edition

Our favorite Baby Gifts: January 2022 Edition

Hey sweet friends, Bethany here! I don't know about you, but I have found myself buying so many baby gifts lately for so many sweet friends bringing precious little ones into this world. We have so many cute, practical baby gifts at AllyOops and being a (kinda) new mom myself, I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite baby gifts. 

#1 Multipurpose Covers

These covers can be used as a breastfeeding cover, high chair or grocery cart cover, blanket, car seat cover, and scarf. I still find myself reaching for my multiuse cover any time I bring my little man into the grocery store, or let's be honest when I say grocery store I mean me and Jon Tucker mindlessly wondering around Target. ;) 

#2 Sleep Sacks

Okay, so from one mom to another, I wish I would have known about these sooner. My little one had a tough time sleeping and I had a sweet friend introduce these to me. And trust me when I say..LIFE CHANGER. There was a time when Jon Tucker wouldn't sleep without his sleep sack, so now this is instantly a baby gift go to for me! Help other mommas out and gift one of these super soft sleep sacks. 

#3 Teethers

I always love to throw in a little teether when I give a baby gift. They are inexpensive and so handy to have when that sweet baby's teeth start coming in. You can choose the traditional silicone teething rings or our new, Toofezie teethers. Either one is great and will provide so much relief to baby and momma. 

#4 Warmies

Okay, so these are THE best gift to give to mom and baby. The Warmie animals are slightly weighted which provide comfort for baby and you can even warm them in the microwave. The warmie slippers are a perfect gift for new moms (and you might even want to grab a pair for yourself! Just pop those slippers in the microwave and then sit back and relax. 


#5  Noodle and Boo Bath and Body Products

And last, but certainly not least I never give a baby gift without sneaking in some Noodle and Boo products. I personally love the stain remover and the hair/body wash. My little boy still uses their hair/body wash and baby lotion. No matter what you choose, all of their products are amazing. 

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