At My Grandmother0s Table
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At My Grandmother0s Table

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Heartwarming Stories and Cherished Recipes from the South

By Faye Porter

What would you give for an afternoon in your grandmother0s kitchen?

Leaning over the countertop, you watched as she added the flour - just a little at a time -to the bowl of her old, yellow Sunbeam stand mixer. To her, cooking may have been as second nature as setting the table. To you, it seemed almost like magic, the way she skillfully put things together to create the mouthwatering meals and one-of-a-kind desserts you enjoyed at her table. Likely, it0s her culinary delights that have set the bar for everything you0ve eaten since. And let0s face it, her pan fried pork chops and home-baked banana bread make anyone else0s versions pale in comparison. If you find yourself wishing for just a little more time in your grandmother0s kitchen, complete with her stories and the memories of the comforting favorites she lovingly made for you, you0re sure to embrace this celebration of grandmother0s cooking. She0d be proud!

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