B.L.T. Dip Mix
B.L.T. Dip Mix
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B.L.T. Dip Mix

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All of the ingredients of what's arguably the BEST sandwich on earth, is presented as a dip or spread.


Directions for DIP: Add 8 ounces of sour cream and 1 cup mayonnaise with larger package of blend.  Mix well,  Refrigerate for TWO  HOURS before serving.  Before serving, sprinkle with contents of smaller package.

FOR CHEESE BALL:  Combine larger packet of blend with 16 ounces of SOFTENED cream cheese.  Refrigerate for about an hour in order for mixture to harden enough to form a ball or two logs.  Remove from frig, WET HANDS, and shape into a cheese ball or into two cheese logs.  Roll in mixture provided in smaller package.

Use as a topping for a loaded potato.

Enjoy as a spread for potato salad too!  YUM!

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