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Bashful Beginnings Bath Flower

Bashful Beginnings Bath Flower

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Inspired by beautiful light pink peonies. One meaning of peonies is that they are given when the giver is a little shy for words. Even if the beginning is bashful, there could be fireworks in the end.  The fragrance of this flower is blushed peony with rose petals, apple blossoms, and violet leaves.

This flower offers 300 hand washes or 35 full body cleanses plus a bar of soap at the bottom of flower. They are 97% natural, and they contain shea butter, goat's milk, and coconut oil. The creamy petals moisturize while cleansing, and since you use a single petal at a time, the rest of your flower stays together awaiting your next spa-like experience.

Locally made in Brandon Mississippi.

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