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Southern Sisters Gourmet Dill Pickling Mix

Southern Sisters Gourmet Dill Pickling Mix

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Enjoy tasty homemade pickles in 48 hours!

Directions:  Combine contents of spice packet with 3 cups Distilled White Vinegar,
1/2 cup sugar and 2 cups (or more) of water.  Set aside.

Slice 6 large cucumbers or squash (our favorite), along with 1 cup  onion.  Pack veggies into an airtight ONE GALLON OR 4 - 1 quart containers.  Pour liquid equally over the container contents. (If more liquid is needed, just add a little more water to fill jars.)  Refrigerate for 48 hours.  They are ready for tasting and enjoying!

NOTE:  We have used all kinds of vegetables for the final presentation, such as onions, squash, zucchini, broccoli, string beans, carrots.  Our favorite is actually the pickled squash.
ALSO, the vegetables may be canned using a hot water bath method and will not require refrigeration.
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