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A’Marie Enchanted Orchid Petite Flower

A’Marie Enchanted Orchid Petite Flower

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A six petal orchid with a hand-painted center with a touch of shimmering gold. The petals may be used one at a time for bathing and multiple hand washes or simply tear off a small piece of a petal for a perfectly sized hand wash. Orchids are a way to add a touch of sophistication to an event or a small way to say thank you.

The fragrance of this orchid is an intoxicating blend of jasmine and fresh muguet with notes of violet and lemon intertwined.

They are 97% natural, and they contain shea butter, goat's milk, and coconut oil. The creamy petals moisturize while cleansing, and since you use a single petal at a time, the rest of your flower stays together awaiting your next spa-like experience.

Locally made in Brandon Mississippi.

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