Tupelo Toast Snacker Cracker Mix
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Tupelo Toast Snacker Cracker Mix

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Tupelo Toast Snacker Crackers are a blended taste of red peppers and Ranch to make this a mighty fine snack.  On a hot scale, its about a 4, definitely hotter than the others.

Directions:  Combine contents of package with 1- 1/2 cups canola oil in a bowl.  Gently pour over 4 sleeves of crackers on a baking pan or in a large bowl.  If you wish, transfer crackers to a zip-loc bag and seal the top.  Gently toss (if in a bag) or gently stir if in a large bowl.  Toss OR stir every 10 minutes for an hour.  Ready in 8 hours.  NO COOKING REQUIRED.

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