Beach House Dreams

Beach House Dreams

Ah, the beach! The sound of the waves and seagulls. The sun warmed sand. The aroma of palms and tropical blooms mixed with Coppertone. All of these are experiences that were an integral part of my everyday life growing up. I will always be thankful for the experience of growing up near the beach. There are so many wonderful memories from that time in my life. I realize now, it was a time that I took for granted. Perhaps many of us take the years of our youth for granted. We are so anxious to grow up that we may have rushed through some of the best years of our lives. Oh! How I long to relive some of those moments. As I age, I am grasping for the days of my youth. I suppose that is why I have found my way back to the beach many times throughout the years.

I am a beach girl to the very core, even though I now live hundreds of miles away. Just a moment near the beach and memories drift in like the rustling of a tall palm's leaves. I instantly feel better as I breath in the salty air. The beach has a way of soothing the soul and calming the mind.

The dream of owning a beach house one day is a cherished aspiration. It represents a lifelong connection to the sea. The idea of waking up to the sound of waves and stepping onto the sand just a few steps away is nothing short of magical. Maybe one day that dream will come true. But in the meantime, a girl can still dream right?

Sometimes my dreaming ends up in a story of how I will decorate my beach house. I sometimes like to create mood boards or story boards to put a picture to my vision. I thought I would share my latest collection with you and I have included all my affiliate links so if you love something it will be easy to find.

This collection is a modern retro vibe. Is that even a thing? The color palette is like the beach itself, full of blues and greens like the ocean with shades of tans and browns like the sand and palms. So let's dive in.

I love this artwork that I found on Amazon. It reminds me of the many Saturdays I spent at the beach. I can just imagine myself there. It is a nice size 24x24 perfect for making a statement.

Now this lamp is one of my favorite finds. It has a true mid century mod vibe. It actually reminds me of one my grandmother had in her Floridian home. I just absolutely love everything about it. The blue greens colors in the base of the lamp compliment the colors in the artwork. If you love it, here is the link

Next up is this fabulous rug. It has all the perfect colors for my story and creates the look of texture with the design. It is one of my most favorite rug brands, SAFAVIEH and here is the link

 I just couldn't pass up these fun fish pillows. They are actually an embroidered design and not just printed. You get 2 pillow 18x18 covers. They are the covers only, no inserts included, but I like that because I have so many pillows that I switch my covers up from time to time. It is nice to only have to store the covers when not in use. If you like these here is the link

Now let's add some neutral colors like the sand into this story. I found this white vase that includes the dried grass. It is so pretty and add just the right touch

No beach house is complete without fun dishes. I found these that have all the shades of blue and green to pull everything together. I can't wait to find just the right napkins! Here is the link

One of my favorite house plants is the air plant. That is because even I can keep it alive. This little beauty in a drift wood container is perfect for my story.

I found these rattan storage boxes.  These boxes have a glass top so they would be perfect to store and display any shells you might find while combing the beach. Or you could just store away all the necessities that don't really match your aesthetic. These boxes are made by one of our best selling suppliers Creative Co-Op.

Finally, just for fun and to take me straight back to the 70's I found this peacock chair to add to my story. I thought about getting something a little more mid mod but I love to mix styles, I am a bit eclectic. I had to add this beauty, here is the link 

Well that's it. My latest story board for my dream beach house. I hope you have enjoyed this collection and my short trip down memory lane. Maybe you should try putting your dreams on a story board. It's a lot of fun to see them come alive.

Happy Dreaming,


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