Do You Have Any of These? Updating an Outdated Basket

Do You Have Any of These? Updating an Outdated Basket

Hey Friends! If you know me, you know I have about a dozen (probably more like a couple dozen if I am being honest) DIY projects in progress at any given time. I don't intend on starting so many projects at once it just happens. Like the other day while I was cleaning out the display stockroom, a lonely little basket caught my eye. I have had this little basket for many years and have used it on countless displays.I hated to toss it but it just looked so outdated and I started searching for ways to give it a little make over.

Do you have any of these baskets around your house or tucked away in a closet? These little honey colored baskets seem to be plentiful in thrift stores and yard sales. They are also pretty inexpensive. I guess it is because the color makes them look like they are straight out of the 80's. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED the 80's! I wouldn't mind going back for a visit. Hey Marty McFly! Where you at? I could use a ride in that time machine car of yours!

Seriously though, while these baskets can be inexpensive their weathered and aged counterparts can be rather pricey. So I tried out a technique to create that aged look on my baskets, another DIY to have fun with. You can check out my video here

I liked my results so much that I am sharing a step by step tutorial on how to update these outdated beauties. I did the research for you so all you have to do is grab your basket and just a few supplies.

Supply List:

1.Outdated baskets.

2. Dark stain color of your choice. For this project I am using Varathane stain in the color Kona.

3. Clear sealer of your choice. A spray sealer is much easier to apply but any will work nicely.

4.Chalk paint color of your choice. For this project I am using DIY chalk paint in the color White Swan.

5. An inexpensive brush to apply the stain.

6. Cloths to wipe off the stain.

7. Lots of paper towels.

8. Mineral spirits for clean up.

The first thing I did was clean my basket. I used the Prep by Rethunk Junk. I love to use it for most of my painting projects. You can also use White Lightening by Dixie Belle or any other TSP. This will prepare your surface for the stain. After cleaning let your basket dry completely.

The next thing I did was apply the stain to the basket. I used an inexpensive synthetic brush (because I had given my grandson all of my foam brushes) although I think a foam brush would have worked nicely to get down into the nooks and crannies of the basket weave.

After I applied the stain all over the basket, I wiped the excess off with a cloth. You can also use paper towels. After wiping off the excess stain let the basket dry. Try to be patient, unlike me! I am not very patient when working on projects and that has cause some mishaps along the way.

After the stain was completely dry I sprayed the basket with a clear sealer. I let that dry thoroughly and then moved on to the next step. Painting the basket.

Next I painted the basket. I was not going for complete coverage. More like a dry brush application so that the beautiful new stain color could show through. You might even want to water down your paint just a tad. I watered down my paint 50/50 paint/water. I used a dry brush to lightly brush the paint on. Then I wiped the paint off. Kind of like a white wash technique. I did this in sections so I had time to wipe back the paint before it dried.

Finally, I sanded the basket here and there to give it a little more aging. It is always good to consider where the basket would naturally show wear and age over the years. Like the edges, top rim, corners, and base.

I did not seal my basket because I used a paint that did not require a sealer. However you could use a spray sealer or top coat of your choice. I would choose a flat sealer so that there wasn't any shine of gloss to the finished basket.

And that's it! The only thing that took much time on this was the dry time. It was really a quick and easy project that made a huge impact and updated this out dated basket.

I LOVE the results and hope you will give it a try. Have Fun!




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