She Shops Where?!?! My Juicy Little Secret + Blue and White Pinterest Inspired Spring Table

She Shops Where?!?! My Juicy Little Secret + Blue and White Pinterest Inspired Spring Table

Hey Friends! Ally here! With the time change this weekend and the warmer temps I have been gathering my ideas for my Spring decor. I know, I know, what have I been waiting for? Many of you have already started. I see you! You have purchased many of the bunnies, carrots, and fresh Spring florals that we have in our boutique. You've been summoning warmer weather and sunshine by delightfully incorporating sweet little bunnies, birds and flowers into your decor. You, unlike me, have already done all your Spring cleaning and are ready for the early Easter we have coming.

Well, I am not that productive. At least not in that area. In fact, I have only just begun to think about what my Spring decor will look like this year. We hit the road early this year and I have had limited time at home to focus on my Spring decor. From taking a much needed mountain escape, attending market, a couple of big events at the boutique and enjoying a Stevie Nicks concert in the Big Easy, I have not gotten around to it. Well, I am home now and on the search for the perfect Spring items to add to my collection. And if you truly know me, you know that I will probably still be adding and decorating until after Easter. That's just how I roll.

This year we have a beautiful blue and white assortment of Spring and everyday decor in our store with many beautiful options to choose from and I intend on doing much of my shopping at But the reality is our little boutique just can not offer everything I would love to stock so I do have a few other places I love to shop. I am a HUGE fan of HomeGoods, I can't lie. However, here is my juicy little secret, I also love to shop on Amazon, What?!?!? It's okay, I know you do too. I know you try to shop local as much as you can, but sometimes Amazon just calls your name. Really friend it is okay.

So here's the scoop, full disclosure, I have put together an assortment of items I love both from our store and Amazon. I will include our Amazon affiliate links so if you decide to shop them you are still helping our little local business out because we will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) on those items. See, you are still kinda shopping local.

Any who,  let's get to the good stuff and dive into my beautiful blue and white Spring table assortment. These ideas were inspired by a few Pins I saw on Pinterest and I have already started filling my cart at both and Amazon.

First, this table! Let's give credit where credit is due, created by diary of a debutante's Stephanie Ziajka. She claims she bought everything on this table from Amazon.

Well, I just love the combination of beautiful blue and white plates with natural hyacinth placemats.The gold color flatware and white hydrangeas add sophistication.

While I do absolutely LOVE the blue and white Spode Italian dinnerware, I chose another option that was more inline with my budget. I chose this set of 6, 6 inch desert plates because I am using my step mothers white dinner plates with them. This set is from Sonemone and is available in 6 inch and 8.75 inch. I also splurged on some new blue glasses and napkins. I have added the links to the pictures so you can shop your little heart out.


Now moving on to another Pin-spiration.  Just take a look at these breathtaking ginger jars and tulips! I am in love! This picture is designed and owned by Caroline Roehm and pinned by MasiondeCinq.

I already have a love of ginger jars and one I inherited from my mom that I intend on using, but we also got a few in at the boutique that I just have to add to my collection. I love the different shapes displayed together. You might want to grab yours before they sell out because we only received a few. I chose to use tulips instead of the white hydrangeas. I loved the hydrangeas, however I want to use tulips while they are in season and I can always switch to the hydrangeas for the summer months. Here is a link to the tulips I chose to use and some very beautiful hydrangeas that I thought were a great price.

 So what do you think about my collection I pulled together thanks to and Amazon? I am so excited for my new treasures to arrive and as soon as I have my table set I will share pictures with you.

I hope this inspired you and brought you joy! Happy shopping my friend, until next time!






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