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Door County Coffee Flavors 1.5oz Full Pot Pack

Door County Coffee Flavors 1.5oz Full Pot Pack

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This 1.5oz pack is enough to make one full pot of delicious coffee.

Brownie Batter:The chocolatey goodness of this flavored coffee is just like indulging in a heaping spoonful of ooey-gooey brownie batter right before it goes in the oven - without all of the guilt! This medium roast coffee boasts a rich chocolate flavor paired with a smooth bodied finish.

Cinnamon Hazelnut:Mellow and smooth with notes of cinnamon hazelnut coffee cake.
The cinnamon and hazelnut notes of this coffee were crafted from master pastry chefs and flavor enthusiasts alike. This medium roast coffee exudes rich cinnamon and hazelnut flavors paired with a smooth bodied finish.

Frosted Cinnamon Buns:The aroma of freshly-baked cinnamon buns and their ooey-gooeyness delivers your tastebuds a wonderful treat. This medium roast, allows the sweet and cinnamon flavors to delight you with every sip.

German Chocolate Cake:This treat in a cup combines the perfect amounts of chocolate and coconut, just like the delectable cake, fresh from the bakery! So delicious!

Mocha Mint:Mmmm! Our gourmet Mocha Mint ground coffee, flavored with decadent dark chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint.

Sinful Delight:Delectable flavors of chocolate with hints of vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts will complete your coffee fix! This rich and smooth blend is truly a treat!

Toasted PralineSweet notes of toasted pecans, sugar and cream come together in this Southern-inspired flavored coffee.
You will enjoy the smooth and creamy flavors of this favorite New Orleans confection in each cup you sip!

Turtles in a Cup:This luscious and chocolatey coffee brings forth notes reminiscent of freshly hand-crafted chocolate caramel turtles. Decadent and smooth, this medium roast lets soft caramel, toasted pecans and rich chocolate flavors satisfy your sweet tooth.

Breakfast Blend: This is the coffee that you will find yourself turning to on an everyday basis. Our ground Breakfast Blend coffee is one of those exceptional coffees that is smooth and comforting and greets you with the aroma that something truly special is in your mug! This medium roast coffee blends Colombian and Costa Rican beans just perfectly.

Country Morning Blend: Our Country Morning Blend ground coffee brings together beans from Colombia and Sumatra to create a rich, hearty blend with great body, medium acidity - all in a medium roast.

Highlander Grogg: The perfect combination – Irish crème and caramel collide in this medium roast coffee for the ultimate treat. A smooth bodied coffee with low acidity, our fan favorite. Highlander Grogg coffee creates moments to savor and an aroma that is truly unlike any other.

Pecan Cinnamon Ice Cream: The wonderfully nutty flavor of pecans, sprinkled with cinnamon and mixed them in a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream creates a flavored coffee that will remind you of a rich cone full of ice cream on a warm summer day with each sip!

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