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Finamill Spice Grinder (Sage)

Finamill Spice Grinder (Sage)

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Introducing the Finamill Spice Grinder, the ultimate tool for grinding spices with ease! From tiny poppy seeds to large peppercorns, this grinder can handle it all. With one-handed operation and swappable grinding pods to maintain flavor separation, enjoy effortless and efficient seasoning. Plus, the sleek design adds a touch of style to your kitchen and dining experience.

Easily add your favorite spices by filling a grinding pod and attaching it to the FinaMill. Simply press the button and a shower of freshly ground spices will illuminate your food with the help of the LED light. The FinaMill can be operated with just one hand, making it perfect for multitasking cooks and those with limited mobility. Plus, the grinding pods double as convenient storage for all your spices and can easily be swapped in with just a few clicks. You can even adjust the grind size to your preference, from fine ground dried chiles to coarsely cracked black pepper and sea salt. Experience the flavor and convenience of FinaMill today!


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