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SWIG Luxy Leopard Packi Backpack Cooler

SWIG Luxy Leopard Packi Backpack Cooler

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It's getting warmer outside, and that means more days spent outside! Keep your family, friends, and yourself cool in the summer heat with this handy backpack. It features Swig Life's Tri Cool technology - a triple-layer construction for maximum insulation. The first layer is the PVC-coated, polyester exterior. It provides a superior temperature barrier that is waterproof, wipeable and puncture-resistant. The second layer is the Extra-thick, closed-cell foam insulation that provides twice the temperature retention. Finally, it has AquaSeal heat-welded seams that create a leakproof lining and add an extra layer of temperature retention while also being BPA-free and food-safe!

When using your Packi:

  • To keep colder, put ice in last and do not drain the water when the ice melts
  • Performs best with zipper closed and stored out of the sun
  • Pre-chill food and drinks before you pack

CARE: Avoid sharp objects that may damage the liner. Wipe surface spills and clean interior using a damp sponge. Do not use detergents or cleaning solutions containing bleach. Hang to dry.

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